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Dreadlocks Dreadlocks have become very much favourable in the fashion world of late and not just an easy and cool way for surfers and hippies to wear their hair. The history of dreadlocks and braids goes way back to the Egyptian Kings and Queens.  Many tribal people in Africa have always worn dreads and do so today including African/American people.

Hairdressing Salons in the USA are very different to the common aussies ‘Shazzas Cut & Curl’ Salon that you find in every country town and suburb. Students actually learn Black Hair Design as a component in their hairdressing training which i was fortunate enough to learn and teach during my Teacher Training Diploma for Hairdressing i completed in Chicago USA. Ethnic hair has amazing texture and works perfectly with braids and dreads and weaved extensions. When Europeans and us Aussies want to wear the dread look- extensions are an absolute necessity unless you want the bird nest look!


  1. There are many products on the market such as sea salt spray, special soap,wax and shampoo which help you create your own dreads in your hair. This takes a longggg time and to get them out, shaving your head is required. Cost around $80- $100 for a product starting kit.
  2. You can have your hair permed on pipe cleaners into a frizz ball, then each section is teased and rolled into dread like pieces. I have tried this process on a few clients. It takes 6-8 hours to do and often the dreads just don’t form properly. To remove, again this is a shaving experience. Cost over $800.
  3. Sew in method. 100% human hair dread extensions are sewed onto your hair which is either plaited or wrapped into the extensions. This process can also take 6-8 hours to complete. Very heavy on the clients head. Can cause hair loss due to hair follicles being over weighted and serious headaches. Removal of dreads does leave your hair in ok condition apart from a few bald patches. cost $1200- $1800.
  4. Plait, wrap and steam method. 100% synthetic hair is used so the hair feels lighter on the head and dries quickly. Your hair is plaited into the extension with part of the synthetic hair wrapped around your hair and steamed sealed. Time is around 6-8 hours and after removal hair is left in good condition. cost $800- $1500.
  5. pre-made 100% synthetic dreads with a loop on the end or are double ended. Hair is wrapped or plaited into the dread secured by sewing or bands. Timing is around 4-5 hours. Hair is in good condition when dreads are removed. cost $800- $1500.
  6. We have created a new method of dreadlocks. After careful research and wanting to apply dreadlocks that are safe, low maintenance, cost effective for the salon and client, quick, pain free, maintain excellent hair and scalp condition during and after application, more natural looking and creative with added texture. Can be done as random pieces to create texture, half head and full head.

This is my product:  INTRODUCING F.E. DREADS

  • dreadlocks100% Kanekolan Synthetic material
  • all natural tones, pastel and bright colours available
  • secured with a protein and keratin adhesive
  • fine , medium and thick in width
  • scalp and hair retains condition with no damage
  • can colour regrowth
  • maintenance every 6-8 weeks for tightening
  • application 3 hrs max for a full head
  • removal 60 mins
  • rrp $400-$600 full head
  • rrp $250-$350 half head
  • rrp $15 per piece
  • beautiful hair wraps and feathers available for added texture rrp $15-$20 each
  • looks natural and amazing

More affordable for the salon and the client…..

Contact Michelle at Our Hair Extension Shop in the Ulladulla Plaza for a free quote on dreadlocks. phone 0498 012717

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