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Enhancing a haircut for the mature lady

Mature haircut designI enjoy creating individual beautiful styles on all age groups of people.

Sometimes potential clients get scared off when they see vibrant high fashion hair styles as they feel they might walk out looking that way also.

A large percentage of my clients are over 40. I design colours and haircuts to suit people individually.

Sometimes clients like to completely cover grey and others like to blend or camouflage.

Colour is about enhancing a haircut and is used to highlight each clients unique features.

I design colours to last with minimal regrowth.

Mature haircut designMy haircuts are carefully sculptured into a workable , wearable style that are easy maintenance.

Everyone receives an original masterpiece from me with TLC. Call me today for an appointment.

When you are in my chair you have my full attention from start to finish.

No clients in-between, no phone calls taken, no juniors taking over because I’m with another client. My service is all about you.

Mature haircut designMature haircut design

Mature haircut designMature haircut design

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