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Blue rinse brigade

I love the blue rinse brigade. Why do the more mature ladies all have the same hairstyle?

Answer: because that’s what hairdressers have been taught to do on ladies of this age group. Basic haircut, perm and set (with or with-out true steel water rinse).

When I have a mature lady sit in my chair I get so excited! I know that when she looks at the final result in the mirror, I will have scored her as a client for life.

Why? I created her a specially designed haircut that suits and softens her features, looks great, feels great, is low maintenance and it works.

Sometimes there is no need for anymore harsh perms, just a soft body wave.
I cooperate with the hair, design a style around the way the hair moves and in the direction it grows- hair will not go back if it grows forward!

Colour for the mature lady- as we age our hair changes to grey to soften our features, it gets lighter. Colour products today can completely cover up grey, blend into grey and even highlight grey hair.

With natural warm and cool tones, pastels and creamy caramels. The blue water rinse hopefully will become an extinct species!

So charge on in blue rinse brigade and become transformed into a remastered original masterpiece!

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