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Curly or Straight?

What type of hair is harder to cut? That is the question.
Answer: curly hair

Curly hair is harder to cut simply because it changes so much in texture and volume once it is dry.

Weight needs to be taken out to reduce volume or fullness.

The shape of the haircut depends on the clients likes and dislikes. For eg. Clients that like curls to sit close to the head on short hair and to have an elongated effect on long hair need to have a rounded shape haircut.

Clients that like to see width and then closeness towards the nape or neck area need an angular shape haircut.

Cutting curly hair is like shaping a hedge in the garden, it is all about dimensions!!

A great curly haircut should just dry naturally and look great without much effort.

To enhance those beautiful locks using a leave in moisture product daily and a moisture reconditioning treatment fortnightly, will ensure less fuzz and dryness.

Enjoy your curls! Love what you where born with!!

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