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Easy hairstyles for busy mums

Up early, breakfast for everyone, get kids ready for school. Time ticks away, who has time to stand in the mirror for half an hour?

A mums life is busy and often too busy to fuss over their hair.

Here are some hair tips for busy mums

  • Choose a haircut- that has a great shape even when you jump out of the shower, towel dry and off u go!

There are many different haircuts that are low maintenance to choose from.

  • Long- try long layers with some shaping around the face to add softness.
  • Medium length to shoulders- add plenty of layers at the back area so that the hair will just fall into place without having to blow dry.
  • Asymmetrical sides and fringes are very flattering.
  • Short- pixie cuts or heavy fringes, short styles can look so striking and are the easiest to look after. Everyone can wear short hair.

It’s about choosing the right shape to suit your face and your hair type.

  • Use the correct shampoo. Hairdressers sell shampoo and conditioner for a good reason- it works better than other products and it is more nourishing for the hair. (hide it from the kids though!)
  • Colour- try and choose a colour on a similar level to your own. This will help hide that dreaded regrowth. Foils and highlights are great even combined with a semi to help blend in those horrible greys that seem to appear from nowhere.
  • Styling products- should be your best friend! There are so many products out there to choose from, it’s just a matter of finding the one that works for you.
  • For a textured, messy look try a light wax or shaping cream.
  • With controlling and enhancing curls use plenty of moisture products with a light holding factor.
  • For straight, glossy hair use a smoothing product and light shine spray.
  • Ghd straighteners are a great tool to have to help you style your hair. 

Treat yourself when you can and enjoy the time you do get when you go to your Hairdresser. Happy hair styling!

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