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Long Hair Design Training Day at The Hair Lounge in Wollongong

The Hair Lounge in Wollongong is a very elegant salon that caters for the top end market place. Nicola is the owner and manager of the salon and is a very experienced and beautifully skilled Hairdresser. 

the Hair Lounge WollongongEvery 6 weeks I travel up to the salon on a Monday and provide a full day hands on training programme designed to suit the skill level and area of training that the staff require to learn.

To date we have covered ladies and mens hair cutting, basic and advanced long hair design.

A training day consists of theory working with a First Element Hair Design Training booklet with all the information and pictures of the styles intended for the day.

Discussions and detailed demonstrations are shown prior to students carrying out their practical skills in which I guide and nurture each student individually until they achieve the result with confidence.

With long hair training I provide extra long manikins to work on as well as shorter layered manikins that we attach Sexy Sexy Hair Natural clip-in hair extensions to.

Most long hair clients have textured shorter layers, so in order to achieve an amazing upstyle, extra volume and length has become a necessity in our industry.  I have researched and trialled many hair additions. Sexy Sexy Natural clip-in extensions are definitely the best to use.

I personally recommend in-salon training as staff feel very comfortable in their own environment.

long hair style trainingWith ongoing training when I visit the salon regularly like I have been doing so for several months now with The Hair Lounge, I can set tasks for staff members to complete in their own training time.

For example, when juniors are starting to be productive in the salon with haircutting on new clients, I encourage them to start a professional looking consultation book using pictures of haircuts that they are confident with. They can email or call me anytime if they want advice and support.

In 6 weeks time I will be visiting The Hair Lounge again for a fun filled day of teaching and supporting the girls with a photo shoot. I have asked each staff member to find a model.

Research and choose the design that they want to achieve on the day. The subject is open as some may want to do an upstyle whilst others may want to create a cut and colour.

We will communicate back and forth between now and then, so that when I arrive on our photo shoot day, everyone is prepared to go ahead with their models hair. I will assist with the hair, make-up and photography to empower staff to feel confident to create many more photo shoots on their own anytime they want to.

Overtime I have had the pleasure of getting to know everyone at The hair Lounge and I feel proud to watch them grow personally and professionally each time I am there facilitating training.

I invite all salon owners to give me a call or send me an email as I would love to make a connection with your team. Help staff with new techniques and provide strong education and terminology to ensure confidence, productivity and ultimately client satisfaction.

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