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Photo shoots and Models

The flashy pics we all see in the magazines and posters promoting hair products and companies can often look too overwhelming to attempt a re-creation.

I used to feel the same way until I jumped in there and had a go. What could possibly go wrong?

Well!! I started taking my own photos after styling the models hair. I remember getting 1 good pic out of 200 shots and this was back in the day of no digital cameras!

So, here are some tips on getting started without all the expense and wasted pictures!

  1. Brainstorm ideas, collect pics that inspire you, keep it simple and remember the focal point of your photo needs to be the hair.
  2. Choose your model carefully. Great features and great hair.
  3.  Organise outfit and props.
  4. Practice the hairstyle a few times and have hairpieces/ornamentation prepared. Look at your finished design from all angles close up and from a distance. 
  5.  A hairstyle for the camera doesn’t have to be wearable or symmetric. Sometimes the most amazing pics are hairstyles only done on one side for the best angle and shot.
  6. Lighting will capture the mood and again the hair needs to be the focal point not the face. I enjoy taking outdoor shots especially when it’s overcast.
  7. Have a go at taking the photos yourself. You will learn so much and develop an eye for shape and dimension. 
  8. Ask salon team members for their opinion.

Email your pics to me if you would like some constructive criticism.

I am also available to help you through your photo shoot as a training day in your salon.

Fashion photographySome of the photos you see on my website show the process of photo shoots as well as some shots of the end result. Erin Davis, a well known photographer from the Albury area and I teamed up to create some beautiful photos.

The photo of the model in the green dress actually got 2nd in a National Fashion photography Competition. We were very excited!

So happy snapping! And enjoy!

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