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Up close and personal

Artistic Director- Pivot PointHair always fascinated me even back to the days of modeling in hair salon ads and creating beautiful styles on my horse.

I was fortunate to be offered an apprenticeship in a top Griffith Salon called Anthony Sparks Hair Studio. A great experience which did ignite sparks for me being excited about hair.

After 9 months I migrated south to  complete my trade certificate at Pivot Point Hair Design College in Melbourne. This is where I was exposed to the endless opportunities available in this wonderful Industry.

With competitions, platform work, hair expo and having such amazing role models- Norman Ironside, Sharon Blain, Errol Davis, the Pivot Point Artistic Team and Ruth Browne who is wonderful personally and professionally.

Ruth Browne who is still general manager of Pivot Point and an icon to hairdressing, taught me the most important thing ‘ passion’.

Passion to succeed, to create, to win, to practice, to never give up and to teach and pass down knowledge is the greatest gift to give.

So here I am, after many wonderful years of winning competitions, loosing some, meeting great people and forever learning along the way- my passion is as strong as ever.

First Element Hair DesignEach individual I work with either doing their hair or teaching a hairdresser a new technique, I’m there and I’m loving it.

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