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Winter warm ups and hair care tips

Warm up your hairstyle this winter with the hot new ‘fire lite’ foils.

Reds, copper and violet are all fashion shades for this season. A ‘fire lite’ foil is a colour that starts off a cool violet red at the root area then progresses to a fire red, copper towards the ends of the hair.

The effect looks brilliant as random fine foils that just add that spark. If you are more adventurous try out some bold flames that enhance any focal point of a beautifully designed haircut.

Home hair care tips this winter.

  • Wash hair less, reds last longer
  • use a great conditioner and leave in moisturiser, this keeps the cuticle of the hairshaft closed which also helps colour last.
  • colour enhancing shampoos. There are many different brands on the Market and they all work in a similar way of depositing extra colour molecules into the hair. Violet to brighten blondes. Gold to keep browns warm and red/ copper to maintain red shades. 

Go on! Unleash the fire within you this winter!

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