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Young Teens want a New Hair Style

Young hairstyleA little girl with beautiful long hair grows into a young teenager whom wants to be more individual and the decision maker when it comes to their hairstyle.

Mums out there need not to panic as fashion at the moment is very feminine and soft when it comes to haircuts. The best advice i can give if your daughter comes to you pleading for the big chop, is to:

  1. encourage her to research. Find and print out pictures from the net.
  2. discuss chosen styles with a hairdresser to find out how much maintenance the haircut needs.
    i.e.- does it need to be blow dried everyday, straightened, what products to use? do you have the hair type to suit the style?
  3. Go for a style that is not too radical if it is the first time to have a change.
  4. Some styles seen in a picture have colour and highlights to enhance the haircuts.
    Work out what limitations you have regarding colour and budget.
  5. Make sure the chosen picture goes with her to the hairdresser for her appointment as often teenagers get shy and are not assertive in communication.

This is a very exciting time for a young woman to experiment with their hair. Its about expression of beauty, personality and individuality. Enjoy!!

Young hairstyleYoung hairstyle

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